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Kalia's Kera-Tip
Hair Extensions

Permanent Hair Extesnions

Kalia's Kera-tip Hair Extensions are created from the highest quality 100% human REMY hair. This innovative method allows you to add length, color, thickness, and dimension by beautifully filling in your natural hair. Kera-tip method is an excellent choice for those looking for a more permanent solution for hair extensions. This modern technique creates an undetectable, comfortable, and a super natural look. Kalia's Kera-tip extensions gives you the flexibility of combining multiple hair extension colors to create a highlight effect, without having to use damaging bleach or color on your own hair. 


* Applied only by licensed professional cosmetologist.
Kalia's Kera-tip strands needs to be applied by a professional/ licensed cosmetologist with a professionally fused to your natural hair using a heat connector iron or an ultrasound technology that transforms the solid keratin to liquid and back to solid.


For volume: 2-3 bundles

For length with natural light volume: 4-6 bundles

For length with volume: 6-8 bundles*


0.7oz/ 20gr per bundle

Bundle 20":  $170 (Summer special buy 4 GET 1 FREE)

Bundle 22": $190  (Summer special buy 4 GET 1 FREE)


Straight- Body Wave- Deep Wave

Hair extensions procedure. Hairdresser does hair extensions to young girl, blonde in a bea
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