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Kalia's Hair Extensions Rentals 

$48 /48 Hours

Kalia's hair extensions supply is the first hair extensions supply in New York that is offering rental hair extensions to you.

We are offering a clip in hair extension rental service for ONLY $48/ FOR 48 HOURS

Kalia's Clip-Ons Hair Extensions 

& Kalia's Natural Ponytails 


ONLY $48 For 48 Hours Or More*

Kalia's Hair Extensions Rental Service 

Kalia's Hair Extension rentals will focus on easy to install daily and weekly rentals for special occasions, events, and quick styling fixes for emergencies. Rented hair extensions will be shampooed, dried, restyled, repaired, and disinfected between rentals. Hair Extension rental clients can be assured that they will receive sanitized 100% human hair with instructions professional installation. Available immediate appointments for hair extension rentals.

"Kaliopi Matheakis realized the need for hair extension rentals for 1-day events. She has formulated a plan and fee schedule to introduce the innovative first of its kind hair extension rentals to New York City clients through the PR Hair Extensions Salon" 

 -Hair Extension Artist Kaliopi Matheakis / Press

Call and reserve an immediate appointment for Hair Extension Rental.


Tuesday - Saturday


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