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Permanent Hair Extensions


Kaliopi Matheaskis

About Kaliopi

Kaliopi Matheakis is a Fashion Week Hair Extensions Specialist. She has been a student and instructor in the art of Hair Extension applications and design since 1999.

Along with being a Master in Hair Extensions, a fashion week stylist, cosmetologist, Instructor and consultant, Ms. Matheakis is the founder of Kalia's  Hair Extensions.

Education Advance Course

Kaliopi teaches participants healthy innovated application techniques of Hair Extensions, along with removing and the maintenance processes.

 She discuss and instruct on the procedures necessary for wearing semi-permanent extensions, including how to readjust, tighten and partially reattach on a routine schedule.

The lesson also focuses on the importance of Hair Extension client education. This includes educating Hair Extensions clients in proper home maintenance such as shampooing and styling techniques. It also includes business training in how to conduct a consultation and how to properly price hair extensions and applications.

"Proper Hair extension application requires detail, precision and technique. Hair extension application is a complicated service dealing directly with the skin of the head and the most sensitive part of the hair, the roots. Incorrect hair extension applications damage the scalp, and hair creating bald spots caused by the weight of the hair extension when not properly applied."--Hair Extension Artist Kaliopi Matheakis 

Article Modern Salon


Period of 1 HOUR

 PRICE: $299


4 Hours Minimum 

Period of 2 months

 PRICE: $4,400

Period of 3 months

 PRICE: $5,400

All courses are in person.
Kaliopi doesn't believe
in online education.
"She takes your time and education serious."
Your education is more important to her,
than giving away certifications.
Kaliopi believes
proper education
is the Key of your Success

1st    DAY: 1h 45 min/ Theoretical course

2nd   DAY: 4 hours/ Training on mannequin

3rd   DAY: 4 hours/ Training on mannequin

4th   DAY: 4 hours/ Training on mannequin

5th   DAY: 4 hours/ Training on model

6th    DAY: 4 hours/ Training on model

7th   DAY: 4 hours/ Training on model

8th   DAY:  1h 45 min/ Test & Theoretical course


·         One method of your choice / Intensive training

·         Non damaging application / Healthy Hair Extensions application

·         Hair Extensions placement technique

·         Hair Extensions maintenance

·         Hair Extensions reapplication

·         Hair Extensions gentle removal

·         Hair Extensions/ Cut blending technique

·         Hair Extensions hair styling

·         Hair Extensions color matching

·         Hair Extensions client consultation / Client’s education proper daily care


·         Hair Extension booklet

·         Basic starting kit

·         Hair Extensions Coach

·         Business training & pricing

·         Personalized Certification

·         25% off Hair Extensions​​ 

          Free display with 5 packs of choice Kalia's Hair Extensions to your Hair Salon.

Let's Get

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